About Us
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About Us


Azar Motor Industrial Company known as AMICO has founded in 1989 in border town of Jolfa.
AMICO Industrial Group launched a motorcycle production line and continued establishing numerous factories for different products during the last 27 years.
Here we introduce some:
. Manufacturing Tractor and Agricultural Implements
. Manufacturing Motorcycles
. Manufacturing Solar Water Heater
. Manufacturing Air Conditioners
. Manufacturing Motorcycle Helmet
. Manufacturing Auto Battery (5-220A)
. Manufacturing Sandwich Panels
. Manufacturing Powder Coatings
. Manufacturing Powder Coating Equipment and Guns (Spray)
. Manufacturing Heavy and Light Diesel Trucks
. Establishing AMICO University of Technology

AMICO Group maintains customer satisfaction by producing high quality products by the use of quality management system (QMS). In this regard, Azarfam Poodri company is one of the Amico Industrial Group subsidiaries that has founded in 2001 in historical and industrial city of Tabriz which is manufacturing powder coatings for different industrial uses.
Azarfam Poodri company with its standard “Quality is the Secret of Persistence” offers its products with high quality and competitive prices because of getting and transferring formulation technology of more than 300 kinds of electrostatic powder coatings from American and European countries and also depending on specialist personnel and desirable raw materials.
Azarfam Poodri is producing various kinds of powder coatings for outdoor/indoor uses and also some special coatings for special industries. (FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT OUR PRODUCTS)

This company also has the Certificate of Registration ISO 9001:2008 in quality management system.